The Need

As a contracted, in-house lead UX Architect for Deere & Company, I was tasked to redesign their flagship global website, which hadn’t been redesigned since 2007.

  • Fully re-map the product portfolio

  • Responsive design

  • Work with researchers to test, remotely, to customers


  • Deere is a global company with 100+ countries, each with their own “satellite” website. The IA and design system needed to reflect that diversity.

  • Numerous stakeholders, agency design teams, domestic and foreign developers, executives, and customers-as-champions reviewing work and revising.

  • Consideration for various use cases, like product comparison, browsing/shopping/committing, etc.



Solution and Approach

With a diverse set of stakeholders, a global footprint, and billions of dollars in product to cover, I worked closely with Information Architects, Researchers, Subject Matter Experts, and various team leads to work through a structure and approach that would become the foundation for their redesign launch in 2016.

  1. Sketching and Wireframing for Navigation/System Design

  2. Use Case Analysis and Prioritization

  3. Metrics and Prioritization

  4. Led Multi-Day Workshops with Stakeholders to gather unmet needs, concerns and biases

  5. Prototyping (throughout this page) for shopping and testing

  6. Card Sorting sessions (for multi-level directory)

  7. Audit of other Deere.[country] websites, like UK, Spain, Germany, etc.

  8. Branding Exercises




  • Clear direction on design, sitemapping, product categorization, and global satellite sites

  • A prototype that gained consensus, identified discussion points for future opportunities

  • Alignment with external agency that would assist in the design and development