Eviary is an application I'm building that matches businesses with designers. 


With the help of developer John Taylor, we set out to launch a concept for validation. There is not a service online that allows a business to find a high-quality designer through algorithmic matching, and track projects with them in that same service. I want to build a solution that I could have used when I was just out of college, looking to expand my network. Currently, I'm learning to code a prototype for validation and testing.

Business Involvement:

• Revenue Model
• Business Model
• Gamification/Incentive Model
• "Lean" Metrics to Adjust
• Legal Policies
• Investor/Elevator Pitch

Design Involvement:

• Brand Identity
• Marketing Strategy
• Site Design (IA and Visual)
• Site Functional Requirements
• Site Architecture, Data Modelling
• Matching System Structure
• Algorithms for Matching



The simplicity of the experience was scripted out (image above) to address the complexity of a scalable, fully structured algorithm. Within that algorithm is contained all of the necessary math, sorting, conditions and variables necessary to hand off to a developer to build. 

Most of the work done regarding algorithms was self-taught. 

Throughout Eviary's timeline, I discovered aspects of programming/design that I hadn't been exposed to previously, and I learned how to do it. I'll go as far, and deep, as necessary.